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Layered EHS Audits

Don’t Be Blinded by Your Internal View: Unveiling Your EHS Blind Spots with SafetyNet Inc. of Riverside, CA

Think your internal safety audits have you covered? They might be missing crucial blind spots, leaving your organization vulnerable to accidents, injuries, and hefty OSHA fines.

SafetyNet Inc. of Riverside, CA offers a comprehensive solution: layered, third-party Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) audits that go beyond the surface, with a focus on practical, hands-on expertise. Here’s how we help you achieve a safer, more compliant workplace:

  • Unmask Hidden Hazards: Our experienced auditors, based right here in Riverside, CA, understand the unique challenges and regulations of your region. They aren’t desensitized to your daily operations and bring a fresh perspective to identify potential hazards internal audits might miss.
  • Layered Approach for Complete Coverage: We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Our layered audits provide a customized approach:

Don’t wait for an incident to expose your vulnerabilities. Schedule a comprehensive EHS audit with SafetyNet Inc. of Riverside, CA today. Our layered approach, combined with a focus on behavioral and safety culture, and our commitment to practical, hands-on expertise, provides a complete picture of your EHS program, minimizing risk and ensuring a safer, more compliant workplace for everyone.

Layer 1 Audit

Peace of Mind Through Proactive Safety Measures

A physical OSHA safety audit from SafetyNet provides a comprehensive evaluation of your work environment, uncovering potential safety issues before they become accidents or violations.

Benefits of a Layer 1 OSHA Audit:

  • Proactive Hazard Identification: Address safety concerns before they lead to accidents or injuries.
  • Enhanced OSHA Compliance: Minimize risk of fines and penalties by ensuring adherence to regulations.
  • Improved Workplace Safety Culture: Foster a culture of safety awareness and accountability among employees.
  • Reduced Injuries & Costs: Prevent accidents and associated medical expenses, downtime, and worker compensation claims.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums: Demonstrate a commitment to safety, potentially leading to lower insurance rates.

Our experienced Safety Professionals will:

  • Conduct a thorough walkthrough of your facility, observing operations and identifying potential hazards.
  • Review your existing safety programs, written plans, and documentation for compliance with OSHA standards.
  • Interview employees to gain insights into safety practices and concerns.
  • Prepare a detailed report outlining identified hazards, recommended corrective actions, and a timeline for implementation.
Investing in a SafetyNet OSHA audit is an investment in the safety and well-being of your employees, your business continuity, and your bottom line.

Layer 2 Audit

Targeted Efficiency, Maximum Compliance

Our Layer 2 OSHA audit goes beyond a physical walkthrough, focusing on a detailed review of your established safety systems. This audit is ideal for companies with existing safety programs seeking to:

  • Strengthen internal verification processes.
  • Identify gaps in documentation or program implementation.
  • Gain expert feedback on program effectiveness.

Benefits of a Layer 2 OSHA audit:

  • Cost-Effective Compliance
  • Verification: Get targeted confirmation of compliance without a full-scale physical inspection.
  • Identify Areas for Improvement: Gain valuable insights to optimize your safety programs and address potential weaknesses.
  • Demonstrate Commitment to Safety: Showcase your proactive approach to safety for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Reduced Risk of Citations: Early identification of compliance gaps minimizes the risk of OSHA citations and penalties.

Our experienced Safety Professionals will:

  • Complete a comprehensive document review by meticulously analyzing your safety manuals, written plans, training records, and other safety documentation to ensure compliance with OSHA standards.
  • Evaluate your program effectiveness by assessing the implementation and effectiveness of your existing safety programs.
  • Identifying gaps and areas for improvement and provide actionable recommendations to strengthen your overall safety compliance posture.
  • Prepare a detailed report outlining identified hazards, recommended corrective actions, and a timeline for implementation.

Investing in a SafetyNet OSHA audit is an investment in the safety and well-being of your employees, your business continuity, and your bottom line.

Full Gap Assessment

Go Beyond Compliance, Cultivate a Culture of Safety

Uncover Your Safety Potential with a Comprehensive Gap Assessment designed to comprehensively evaluate your organization’s safety culture, worker safety practices, and environmental compliance.

Our Gap Assessment goes beyond a typical OSHA audit, delving deeper to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in your overall safety and environmental management system. This comprehensive assessment will: 

  • Scrutinize your safety culture: Evaluate employee attitudes, perceptions, and commitment to safety practices.
  • Analyze safety programs and documentation: Assess the effectiveness of existing written plans, training programs, and incident reporting procedures.
  • Conduct a thorough workplace inspection: Identify potential physical hazards and ensure compliance with OSHA standards.
  • Review environmental practices and documentation: Evaluate your environmental management system for potential gaps and areas for improvement.
  • Interview employees across all levels: Gain insights into safety concerns, communication channels, and overall safety climate.

Benefits of a SafetyNet Gap Assessment:

  • Uncover Hidden Safety Risks: Identify potential hazards and vulnerabilities before they lead to accidents or violations.
  • Strengthen Your Safety Culture: Promote a proactive approach to safety, fostering employee engagement and risk reduction.
  • Optimize Safety Programs: Refine your existing safety programs for maximum effectiveness and improved compliance.
  • Enhance Environmental Responsibility: Identify and address environmental concerns to minimize risks and legal exposure.
  • Reduce Costs and Liabilities: Proactive safety and environmental management can significantly reduce associated costs of accidents, injuries, cleanups, and fines.

A SafetyNet Gap Assessment provides a roadmap for creating a robust safety culture, minimizing environmental impact, and ultimately, building a safer and more sustainable workplace.