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OSHA Violations Assistance & Appeals - Min 12 Hr Retainer

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Cases are estimated on industry, injury, and severity of violations. We have a winning record of reducing fines as well as helping companies make the required corrections.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) hands out fines for violations of its rules every day to companies that have failed to pass a site inspection, had a serious worker injury or had a whistle-blower complaint that OSHA decides to investigate. These financial penalties can be substantial, especially if you run a small business that is unable to absorb the cost without laying off employees or shrinking your operations. 

We can help you appeal the violations if you feel the penalty was excessive or disagree with the judgment of the OSHA representative inspector. Our experts will often come to your facility, make recommendations to comply with OSHA violations and represent your organization throughout the entire process. Cases generally vary depending on the number of violations, severity, and location of your organization.