Don't Get Caught Without your SafetyNet™

- Steven Brooks. President, SafetyNet™

Serving Your Workplace Safety and Environmental Needs

At SafetyNet Inc, we understand that OSHA, EPA, AQMD, and various regulations can be complex because of their myriad of standards and requirements. Where do you start, how do you decipher these rules, and what are your specific requirements? We have the qualifications and experience to help you get the desired results.

Our Background

SafetyNet Inc was established in 1998 as an environmental health and consulting firm to assist companies and organizations. We help our clients in complying with regulations from OSHA, EPA, AQMD, and various agencies.

Our experienced and professional trainers and engineers have worked with some of the largest corporations in the world, training, assisting, and managing their safety and environmental programs. We have a winning record of reducing fines, eliminating hazards, and training workers to increase their understanding of workplace safety.


Mock Audits/Inspections

Mock OSHA audits conducted by our expert engineers. Includes full reports and corrective actions.

SafetyNet ™ Axis-Hub

QR Code Scanning Mobile-first technology built to keep your company aware of safety and with a greater sense of accountability.

In-person and Virtual Training

Bilingual courses offered. Up-to-date guidelines on countless safety topics. Flexibility offered.

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We Are Always Here for You!

Whether you take advantage of one of our packaged on-site safety management programs or you choose to utilize our menu of professional services, we are always there to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Our passion is to ensure safety and environmental success for you and your organization. Get in touch with the professional team that’s committed to your company’s EHS well-being and success.