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Safety worries got you tied up? Untie the knot with SafetyNet Inc. in Riverside, CA! We’re your one-stop shop for OSHA compliance, offering expert services & training to keep your workplace safe. First-time customers? Cut the cost of safety with exclusive discounts! Invest in your workforce, and peace of mind.

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Mock OSHA Safety Audit

Site safety audit for small businesses manufacturing under 100 employees

Use Code AUDIT20 for 20% Off Standard Pricing

Proactively identify safety hazards and ensure regulatory compliance at your workplace with a mock OSHA audit by SafetyNet Inc.


Custom Evacuation Maps

Custom developed emergency evacuation or emergency response site maps (on site or off site generation)

Use Code MAPS15 for 15% Off Standard Pricing

*Minimum of four maps*

Ensure a swift and safe evacuation for your workplace and meet OSHA’s requirements for your emergency evacuation plan with custom emergency response site maps from SafetyNet Inc.


Workplace Violence

Equip your staff with the skills to recognize, prevent, and respond to workplace violence incidents. Available in English & Spanish

Use Code WORKV20 for 20% Off Standard Pricing

*When Scheduling Two or More Classes Within the Same Day*

California employers must provide annual workplace violence prevention training to employees by July 1, 2024.


Energy Control Procedures (Lockout/Tagout)

Custom developed, equipment specific lockout tagout procedures

Use Code LOTO10 for 10% Off Standard Pricing

*For First Time Clients with 100 Procedures or Less*

Ensure maximum safety during maintenance with iLockitOut by SafetyNet. Our on-site experts develop customized lockout tagout (LOTO) procedures specific to your unique equipment


NFPA 70E Low Voltage Arc Flash

Protect your workforce from Arc-Flash with NFPA 70E Low Voltage Training.

Use Code LOWVOLT10 for 10% off Standard Pricing

*For First Time Clients with 10 or Less Students*

This comprehensive program will comply with NFPA 70E standards, for all <600V enclosures


Heat Illness Training

Beat the heat with SafetyNet's Heat Illness Prevention Training. Available in English & Spanish

Use Code HEAT20 for 20% Off Standard Pricing

*When Scheduling Two or More Classes within the Same Day*

This training will educate workers on recognizing heat stress symptoms, hydration, and emergency procedures